How to change my nickname?

Please login to your watch account and go to More>Subscribers, click the profile photo to change your nickname.



How to change the language on the watch?

Please turn on your watch, press the second button on the side continually until you see the “Language” menu, click “OK” button on the bottom to enter this menu, then you can choose the language you want.



How to change the watch’s phone number?

Please login to your watch account and go to More>Functions>Watch’s phone number to update the phone number.

when I set up my account, I got this message “This watch has been subscribed” and can’t go ahead.

Please send us your watch’s serial number. We will help you solve this problem. You can find the serial number on the packaging box or on the manual.


serial number



There is an “x” beside the signal bars on my watch. The internet connection isn’t working.

First, please confirm your SIM card operator has a 2G network. Upgrade your watch’s firmware and try again.

If the internet connection isn’t working after the upgrade, please send us the information below, we will help you set up the internet connection on your watch. 

1. The name of your SIM card operator

2. The full screenshot of your watch’s version number page. You can find the version number by following the steps below.

1) Turn on your QQ watch after inserting the SIM card.
2) Press the power button on the side to see the pedometer data.
3) Press the second button on the side to see your watch’s version number.

internet connection

The USB cable got disconnected from the computer during the upgrade. I can’t turn on my watch after that.

Please delete the installation folder on your C Drive. Download the upgrade tool and upgrade the firmware again. Turn on your watch after the upgrade.

I can’t call the watch. When I called the watch on the app, I got busy tones or the watch kept hanging up.

Please upgrade your watch’s firmware and add the country code in front of your phone number. For example, if you live in Germany, the country code is +49. Please add your phone number as +49xxxxx to the contacts list after the firmware upgrade.

I got the message “Unlock SIM in another phone first” when I inserted the SIM card into the watch.

Please insert the SIM card into a regular phone and remove the PIN code in the settings menu.

Which version should I choose?

QQ Watch has US version and EU version. US version runs on GSM 850/1900 MHz. It works in USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil and some American countries.

EU version runs on GSM 900/1800 MHz. It works in most countries in Europe, Oceania, Africa and Asia (apart from Japan, South Korea).

Please check the network frequencies in your country and choose the right version.

What kind of SIM card will work with QQ Watch?

QQ Watch is a GSM device. It works with a Nano SIM card from any operator that has a 2G network.

Can I use QQ Watch in the water?

QQ watch is waterproof with an IP65 rating. It can stand splashes of water, but it cannot be immersed into the water. If you use it under the water, the watch will be damaged.